Cash loans are easy to apply. They have few requirements and the release is quicker. However, not all are qualified to have cash loans. The following are a few frequently asked questions regarding cash loans.
Q: Am I qualified?

A: To qualify, you must comply with the following cash loans requirements:
• You must have a job or at least receive a regular income
• You must be 18 years old and above
• You must have an active checking bank account
• Valid identification proof

Q: I have a bad credit score, can I still qualify?

A: Cash loans are generally an online transaction. Lending companies do not conduct credit check nor require a specific credit score. In fact, if you have a bad credit, you may be given priority.

Q: Is there a loan processing fee?

A: There are no hidden charges. All fees are laid down before you will be asked to affix your signature for confirmation of your cash loans application.

Q: How soon can I know the status of my loan?

A: As soon as you have complied with all of the requirements, you will be given an answer regarding your status in less than 30 minutes. The release of your loan will be processed within four hours or within the day you have completed your cash loans application.

Q: How is my loan released?

A: Within the day you have submitted your application and requirements, or immediately the following day when your application has been sent beyond the office hours, your cash loan is released by depositing the amount to your checking account.
Q: How is payment made?

A: You will be given a specific date on which you shall return the amount plus the interest.

Q: What happens if I am late in making a payment?

A: The company will make an arrangement on how to collect your payment for your loan on time. You can be assured that the staff will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

Q: Can I make early payments?

A: Yes. If you do make early payments, you may be given rebates.

Q: How are cash loans applications submitted?

A: The forms are filled-up online and all the requirements must be in soft copy as they will be uploaded into the company’s website.

Q: How much can I get?

A: The amount you can borrow is based on your state laws.